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welcome to NextMove –
the career catalyst for leaders 

With NextMove™, you’re not just transitioning into a new role; you’re embarking on a journey to redefine what it means to be a leader in today’s dynamic world.
Dive into uncharted territories with confidence as we connect you with roles in emerging markets and sectors. Each opportunity is handpicked, passing through our stringent screening to guarantee a match not just for now, but for your future aspirations as a transformative leader.

why choose NextMove?


tailored opportunities

Access roles that match your ambition and leadership style.


connect with impact

Network with peers and organizations shaping the future.


discrete, yet personal

Experience a confidential service tailored to your career goals.


beyond the position

Engage in roles that promise growth and meaningful impact


catalyst for growth

Unlock pathways to elevate your leadership and influence.

this is how NextMove works


fill out your details in the form below


dive deeper in a call with our talent team to uncover your potential


get accepted to NextMove

(it's free!)


discover roles that are as ambitious as you are, tailored to fit


step into your next challenge and transform your leadership

embark on your next chapter with NextMove™

Let NextMove™ be the catalyst for your next leadership milestone. Explore the possibilities that lie ahead and join a program where leaders are developed, achievements are recognized, and careers are transformed.

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elevate your influence with the leaders circle

Elevate your journey in an exclusive community for global female decision-makers. Gain visibility, share your voice, and connect with decision-makers through our invite-only events.

Amplify your influence in one powerful move.

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