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from vienna 🇦🇹 around the world 🌍

Big impact means bold moves.

Redefining the image of leadership can only happen if we have this conversation around the world, making sure (aspiring) leaders in all corners can contribute and are heard.

redefining leadership: from vienna, all around the world.

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Vienna - the birthplace of the movement


Vienna 🇦🇹 is where it all started. It's a city known for embracing diversity and pushing for progress, making it the perfect place for our Leadership: Redefined movement to take root. Here at the female factor, inspired by Vienna's innovative and cultural vibe, we're all about inclusivity, diversity, and preparing for the future of work, and we're proud to have Vienna as our launching pad.

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from vienna 🇦🇹 around the world: a network of change makers


Through our exclusive leaders' dinners, we've not only bridged continents but also woven a powerful network of change-makers, uniting thought leaders who share the vision of Leadership: Redefined. These intimate gatherings, originating from Vienna and reaching across the globe, serve as catalysts for sharing, learning, and fostering collective inspiration for change, creating an influential community dedicated to shaping the future.

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some of the leaders we met along the way

stories of impact: leaders sharing their journeys

Hundreds of leaders from around the globe have shared their insights on what it takes to lead in the future, discussing the essentials of forward-thinking leadership. Dive into the collective wisdom of these voices, championing a new era of leadership that is adaptive, inclusive, and innovative, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow

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Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, Board Member
Österreichische Postbus AG, 🇦🇹

Silvia’s efforts focus on sustainability and innovation, significantly contributing to making Austria's public transport system more efficient and environmentally friendly. (1).png

Stefanie Ahammer, Country Director Visa, 🇦🇹

Stefanie Ahammer, Visa Austria's Country Director, is at the forefront of transforming finance in Vienna, championing initiatives that make digital payments more accessible and inclusive, thereby shaping a more financially empowered future.

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and it all comes together... 

global leaders summit

co-hosted by the City of Vienna

📍 19th of September 2024, Vienna City Hall

a word from our co-hosts​

The City of Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency are thrilled to host the global leaders summit, an initiative that underscores our commitment to fostering female leadership and promoting gender diversity in the business world. This event is a testament to Vienna's role as a progressive hub where women's leadership and innovation thrive, shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for all.​

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how you can be part & have an impact

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We're always open to collaborate with inclusive organizations, eager to be at the forefront of DEI.

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I believe that our movement has the power to make a difference on a global scale. Going global is not only an aspiration, but a crucial step towards realizing our vision for a better future. By bringing together leaders from all corners of the world, we can amplify our impact and work towards creating a more equitable, and sustainable world for all.


Mahdis Gharaei

co-initiator of the movement

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