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vienna: the meeting point for a new era of leaders

Vienna 🇦🇹 is a city that stands for diversity and progress, and provides the perfect ground zero for a movement that will change the future of work.
A hub for innovation and the place where the female factor grew into what it is today, it's no wonder that Vienna is at the epicenter of this initiative.

redefining leadership: from vienna, all around the world.



of Austrian

businesses are

led by women

35 %

of Viennese startups were founded by  women​


best place to be for female founders

*Startup Heatmap 2019


years of supporting female entrepreneurs


Vienna is a melting pot of over 180 nationalities, 

a hub for culture and diplomacy,

and the business and geographical center of Europe.


With a thriving industry, a dynamic startup scene, and consistently high standard of life, it's the perfect starting point to redefine the future of work

More than anything, Vienna values its people, supporting women and under-represented minorities on all levels, be it in politics, the private sector, or family life.

Setting new standards over and over again, Vienna is truly a city that redefines leadership at every step. 


made possible by

The Vienna Business Agency has been providing targeted support to female founders and entrepreneurs in Vienna since 1999 in order to increase the proportion of women in business. With special funding programs and advisory services for women entrepreneurs and startups, as well as countless initiatives that aim to educate girls in science and research, the Vienna Business Agency is a pioneer in setting new standards for leadership.


The Vienna Business Agency is proud to support the Leadership: Redefined movement by the female factor. We understand that traditional leadership models no longer suffice in today's dynamic business landscape. What's more, Vienna, known for its location, talented labor pool, and high-quality workplaces, is the ideal location to foster a new generation of leaders who inspire positive change. 

mahdis gharaei.png

Vienna is teaching us that we are stronger together. It inspires us to co-create and collaborate, and to think big and beyond our borders. The city celebrates diversity and its leaders, providing all the support we need. I’m proud to call it home.

Mahdis Gharaei

co-initiator of this movement

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