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redefining leadership for an equal future of work

We are on a mission to redefine our perception of leadership by portraying a new era of leaders. 

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Have you ever experienced the transformative power of good leadership? The kind that enables you to grow and do your best work? Or the crushing effects of bad leadership driving stress and anxiety?

It's time to redefine leadership and create a new standard for a more inclusive and equal future of work. 

Let's showcase a new era of leaders, encouraging the next generation to let go of outdated versions of leadership in order to make an impact. 


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why leadership needs a revamp

1 in 2

people are not comfortable with a woman leading a company

*Reykjavik Index for Leadership

~ 10 %

of Fortune 500 CEO positions are held by women

*Fortune 500

85 %

of employees aren't engaging at work due to lack of trust in leadership

*Gallup State of the Workplace

75 %

of people don't feel they can fulfill their purpose at work

*Gallup State of the Workplace

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wanna know who's behind this movement?

the female factor is a community dedicated to enable the next generation of female leaders to get their seat at the table. Find out more about us and our mission here.

This wouldn't have been possible without the support of our trusted partners:

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from vienna, around the world

Like all great stories, this one started in the right place, at the right time.  Home base of the female factor since day one, Vienna 🇦🇹 is a city that stands for diversity and progress, and provides the perfect playground for a new generation of leaders.


A hub for innovation and the place where the female factor took its first steps, then grew into what it is today, Vienna is the ideal ground zero for a movement that will change the future of work.

redefining leadership: from Vienna, all around the world. 

what we achieved so far


leaders who shared their philosophy with us


shares of leadership stories


views of leadership content


people impacted who embrace new leadership

join the movement

Your part? Help us find the leaders who are redefining leadership or share your take on the the future of leadership.

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