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let's celebrate
Global Leadership Month 🎉

Join us in celebrating Global Leadership Month and advancing an equal future of work. Join the movement!

What is the Global Leadership Month?

Global Leadership Month is a worldwide celebration of leadership that takes place annually in May. The goal is to recognize the importance of leadership in today's rapidly changing world and to inspire individuals to take action towards creating positive change in their communities and workplaces.

Global Leadership Month was first launched by the female factor, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing leadership development and community impact around the world. 

Since its inception, Global Leadership Month has grown into a global movement, with individuals and organizations from over 150 countries sharing ideas, best practices, and resources related to leadership development with the aim to redefine leadership as we know it.

Join the conversation. Join the movement.


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The Vienna Business Agency is proud to celebrate the Global Leadership Month by the female factor. Traditional leadership models no longer suffice in today's dynamic business landscape. Vienna, known for its location, talented labor pool, and high-quality workplaces, is the ideal location to foster a new generation of leaders who inspire positive change. 

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"Through Global Leadership Month, we are raising awareness about the outdated perception of leadership and sparking conversations around the future of leadership. Our aim is to celebrate a new era of leaders and inspire individuals to embrace a more inclusive, collaborative, and impactful approach to leadership."


Mahdis Gharaei

co-initiator of this movement

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