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who is redefining leadership for you?


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Nominate an inspiring leader (or yourself) who is using their influence to make a positive impact on the world.

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We are looking for the kind of leaders who are empathetic, authentic and resilient, with the ability to inspire and empower those around them. Leaders who are innovative and forward-thinking, and who are committed to foster diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace.


Our goal is to showcase a diverse group of leaders who are driving positive change and creating a more equitable future for all.

nomination process & timeline

submit your nomination

submit your own nomination or nominate a leader of your choice

submit below until 30.08.2023

accept the nomination

nominees are asked to share their leadership insights and personal details to accept the nomination

finalize until 30.08.2023

join the conversation

you'll receive sharing material to join the discussion around the future of leadership online


find sharing material here

get selected

together with our advisory board we are selecting the 365+ individuals that are redefining leadershipand representing a new era of leaders

fall 2023

get interviewed

selected leaders will get individual coverage in the lead magazine, on social media, on this website and across billboards in Europe


nominate an individual who is redefining leadership below

  • Who is eligible for nomination?
    Anyone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in their field or community is eligible for nomination. This includes individuals from all genders, background and industries, and there are no specific age or experience requirements.
  • How do I nominate someone?
    To nominate someone, simply fill out the nomination form on this page with the nominee's name, contact information, and a brief explanation of why you believe they should be recognized as a leader. To accept the nomination, the nominee will be asked to submit further information.
  • Can I nominate myself?
    Yes, self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. If you believe you have demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in your field or community, we encourage you to nominate yourself using the nomination form on this page. However, you can also be nominated by someone else who has witnessed your leadership abilities.
  • What criteria are used to select honorees?
    Honorees are selected based on a variety of factors, including their leadership skills, accomplishments, impact on their industry or community, and potential for future success.
  • How many honorees are selected?
    The number of honorees will be approx. 365.
  • When will the honorees be announced?
    The honorees for Europe will be announced in fall 2023 on the new era of leaders website, on social media channels as well as in the lead magazine.
  • Can I contact you to follow up on a nomination or ask questions?
    Yes, you can contact us at if you have any questions or concerns about the nomination process. However, please note that due to the high volume of nominations received, we may not be able to respond to every inquiry individually.
  • Is there a fee for submitting a nomination?
    No, there is no fee to submit a nomination. This movement is committed to recognizing outstanding leadership and does not charge any fees to participate.
  • How can I stay informed?
    To stay informed, please sign up for our newsletter here and follow us on social media.
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