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Join the movement and let’s celebrate a new era of leaders for a better future #LeadershipRedefined

the leaders
our world needs


leaders who shared their philosophy with us


shares of leadership stories


views of leadership content


people impacted who embrace new leadership

who do you picture, 
when you think of a leader?

Many of us see a very similar image: a single authority figure who calls the shots, and is possibly white and male.
It's about time we change this perception. Our mission with this movement is to redefine leadership and showcase the rise of a new generation of leaders.

For a more inclusive and equal future of work.

what this movement is about

visibility for new leaders

participating leaders will get coverage in the lead magazine, press and social media exposure

redefining leadership

by collecting advice and knowledge from participating leaders we are redefining leadership as we know it

showcasing diverse leaders

our focus is on showcasing a diverse range of leaders, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and representation in leadership

rolemodels for the next gen

"If you see it, you can be it"

we aim to inspire the next generation of leaders with diverse stories and leadership insights

building a global network

connecting 800+ leaders that join the movement to build an influential network for a lifetime and uniting them in Vienna through an invite-only global leaders summit in 2024


Our future needs leaders that showcase clarity, empathy and empowerment.

Christine Antlanger-Winter, Country Director of Google

join the movement

Your part? Help us find the leaders who are redefining leadership or share your take on the future of leadership.

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